Neovim on flatpak

Ok, so I'm having issues with Neovim on this distro and see that since it is based on Ubuntu 20, the apt install gives me an old version. Simply put, this version if practically useless for anyone who want to get started in the neovim way.

Essentially, I want the latest.. so... I try and install from flathub but I get a gpg error.

Then I try flatpak remote-modify --no-gpg-verify flathub and the install again and get the lovely
error: Failed to install org.freedesktop.Sdk: Can't pull from untrusted non-gpg verified remote

Fair enough, don't let you users p$wn themselves but how else can I get a latest version? TBH, the USP that I was hoping for in this distro was a bit more "it just works" than this. So far, it's been more painful than just going with Ubuntu.
I know I'm probably not the main target audience (vim user) but still, some things would be nice like Zorin hosting their own flathub maybe, so that it's not super super slow?

Just a few thoughts. If there is a stupidly simple fix to my issue from the comments section, I will be sure to edit this post.
I really like the UI tweaks, but so far, that's all. Please change my mind.

You are absolutely right: you are not the target audience. If you want the latest and greatest packages you are in the wrong place. Simple as that.

I'm not familiar enough with Flatpak to provide an answer on that front, but the readme on neovim's repository goes through multiple ways of installing it. Including how to build it from source which is what I'd recommend for your case.

No need. It's perfectly okay not to like ZorinOS! There's something for everyone and that's the beauty of Linux.

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Have you tried to sudo flatpak install the app Neovim?

Thanks. That seems to have solved it, though it still installs from flathub?
Must decide now if I want to learn the internals of flatpak or not.

Will see if I can get it working through flatpak now. Currently only running i background.. hmm

Absolutely, however it's also why Linux still struggles to challenge windows since we Linux has such a dispersed ecosystem of user.
I was probably a touch harsh in my question, there is a more that I like about this distro than just UI stuff. Let's see where it goes.

Building from source is a rabbit hole I will avoid right now. Some other time maybe.

I think that's debatable. Linux is not even trying to compete on the consumer's market, whereas it's the preferred choice in other areas e.g., servers, supercomputers, etc.

I also don't think of the user fragmentation as being a problem. It's only natural that different views and opinions result in an abundance of configurations. From a practical perspective, when a company needs to get some servers running it'll pick whatever makes more sense to suit its needs, and stick to that choice for the foreseeable future. So, the fragmentation isn't really harmful to the end user.

But anyway those are topics for another thread.

I recommend you try and build from source, it's really not that hard nor time consuming. And even TJ DeVries, one of the core maintainers, prefers to have it done this way (since you mentioned you wanted to "get started in the neovim way.")

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