Netflix App (From Software) Cant Play Movies

Hi all Zorin users...

Recently I Install app Netflix-web from Software because I want watch Netflix in app not in Chrome, and have an error when I play the movies.
The error is M7701-1003... anyone have a similar problem???

Please help @Aravisian :innocent:

Is the Netflix app a Snap or Flatpak by any chance?

The Netflix web-app plays it in the Chrome Browser. So installing this app will not solve the issue in the manner you wish, sadly.
@zabadabadoo is probably on the right track asking about it the app installed as Snap or Flatpak.
But even if that is sorted out, you still have the above issue.

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I think so because I install from Software Manager that Zorin provided

I try to reach the app owner but still no answer..

Anyway... like always you are the solver :innocent: Thanks...

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