Network configurations

HI, I need change the network configuration of my computer, but the file /etc/network/interfaces is empty, i need locate the file configuration of my current network interfaces for change the IP. where is the configuration file of the current network interfaces?

but I need to see the configuration file of the network interfaces, I want to see in which configuration file they are located, since /etc/network/interfaces is empty and there is nothing configured there, or I just can't see my network interfaces in a config file?

/etc/network/interfaces is empty because it was replaced by netplan in newer versions

provided the documentation to access netplan before :wink:

According to networking - Where is Ubuntu 20.04 default network configuration? - Ask Ubuntu you can see the configuration files, that are dynamically created, at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections.

Quoted from the above link:

When you set up everything through NetworkManager using the GUI, these files will create automatically. However, you can edit these files manually but you will need to restart NetworkManager after making any changes using sudo systemctl restart network-manager.

I would use the network manager to set your static ip. Make sure you change your router configuration.

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