Network icon (LAN) got deleted accidentally from the panel. How to add it back?

Hi Zorin Team,
I am using Zorin 16 Lite.
While trying to add a new item to the panel, I accidentally deleted the network icon. How can I get it back ??

You should still be able to view network connections via the Network Connections app located at Menu->Settings->Network Connections.

To get your wifi indicator to return to the panel, try this:
1) Menu->Settings->Panel
2) Go to the Items tab
3) Hit the + button located on the right
4) Select Indicator Plugin
5) Hit the +Add button

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Hi, the indicator plugin is already present in the panel. But, still I am unable to see it.

Try adding the Status Tray Plugin. You can click the Settings Icon (Yours seems to look like an eyeball...) and ensure that network Manager is included in it.


Yay, you are awesome. My clipboard's icon is also back


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