Network Manager stops working at least once a day

Hi! Network Manager stops working at least once a day.
I use the computer connected by network cable (it does not have wifi). Using this command works again (sudo service network-manager restart) however I use it without monitor, it is to host network files. so I have to connect a monitor to be able to restart it. Is there any way that it doesn't crash, did I set something wrong? is there a way for it to restart only if it crashes?
I am a novice user but with the intention of learning.


PD: I tried to implement some configurations to make the "wake on lan" work. could that affect performance?
PD2: Sorry for my english

terminal command to disable power management.

xset -dpms

It might be cause system is going into a powersave state when not in use, common among modern machine today, especially notebooks. Try that see how it goes.

Wake on LAN should not hurt anything, they embed that feature in the hardware encoded BIOS chip for a reason, popular feature, hardware side.

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Thank you
I will try and if after two days it does not disconnect I will give it as solved.


It has been several days without the connection dropping, I hope that is the solution. Thanks


I am very pleased to hear that the issue has been resolved. Yes, very common for modern machines to enter power save modes. In several states within our country, its required by law, that in order for computers to be sold, they have to be certified to draw a limited amount of power in an idle state.

As I am sure you've already guessed, to achieve that, many things have to go OFFLINE when not in use. And you've already witnessed how that brings fourth issues. I am just glad we found a good work around, to achieve a positive outcome for you!


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