Network shares creation and access

I have a problem with creating network shares. I am using Zorin OS 16.1 Pro on my desktop and laptop. The share for testing purposes is be creating on my desktop to access on the laptop. The share can be seen on the laptop however when accessing for the laptop I get the error message "Unable to access location failed ot retrieve share list from server: Connection refused"

Right-click on the folder you want to share and select 'Local Network Share'. If you wish to maintain privacy of your Documents folder, move the desired files to 'Public' which is best practice for security reasons. When you select 'Local Network Share' and mark the folder for sharing you will be asked to install the Sharing service that currently is not installed - do it. However, when I try that in VM of Zorin education I get the following dependency error:

Thank you for the information however I should have mention the sharing service is already installed .

I also realised that I was working in a live VM without updates which is why I would have experienced that issue. In that case there is an option to provide a password - the other machine then has to access via ip of your machine methinks e.g., //192.168.1.x/home/your username/folder - and provide a password - from vague recollection reading something somewhere along these lines.

If I understood you correctly I have entered //IP/home/cmdr/Projects and that page could not be found

This issue was brought up because I wanted to share files between my desktop and laptop I installed the Warp file transfer program this is working well.

Glad to hear you have a solution. I think in previous answers I have given on this topic you may need to include (install) server software.

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