New gaming hardware advice

Hi all
Presently I have Zorin installed on nearly 10 year old gaming hardware, after a recent and very likely indefinite transition from Windows. Recent lackluster Steam gaming performance has motivated me to seek a new system. However, unlike Windows where I was almost guaranteed that any hardware was bound to work, I'm less confident about Linux (while I get used to it).

I want to go for the highest performing hardware to get me through the next 10 years or longer. Does anyone know of a good resource to help assess the impact of using hardware x, y, or z in Linux? Or perhaps I am overthinking this?

That's tough call.
At the moment AMD works out of hte box with builtin driver in the kernel, while nvidia the highest performance is Nvidia. (require a click to install the driver in most cases).

Nvidia just released its drivers as Open Source so in the near future I foresee there drivers in the kernel too.


I see. So in most cases hardware will initiate, but how well it runs depends on supporting infrastructure. I suppose the key to my success is to carefully research each hardware manufacturer and model for possible compatibility issues.

Thank you for your input.

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