New Hardware - Suggestions on Steps after upgrade

I recently replaced my Motherboard, CPU and RAM. I booted back into Zorin 16 Core and got the OS up and running without much of an issue. This was about 2 weeks ago and now I'm seeing some strange annoyances pop-up. Not sure if it is due to the hardware swap and no clean install or something else.


  • Gigabyte B570 Gaming Motherboard
  • Intel i5-7500
  • 16GB Corsair 2400MHz RAM
  • EVGA GTX1050 Ti
  • 1TB WD Black NVME (re-used in new system)


  • Asus PRIME B560M-A
  • Intel i5-11600K
  • 16GB Corsair 3200MHz RAM
  • Using iGPU for graphics
  • 1TB WD Black NVME (from old system)

The annoyances I'm seeing

  • Windows not remembering position after closed (even the default Firefox)
  • HDMI Out wouldn't go higher than 1080p (even though the iGPU can do 4K @ 60Hz over HDMI 2.0 (which matches the mobo HDMI 2.0 out)). Resolved this with a Display Port to HDMI cable.
  • Sound not working 25% of the time (even killing the Pulse Audio won't fix it, I have to do a reboot). What is strange is I'll hear the startup sound and then nothing after that.
  • Mouse Scrolling speed super slow after coming back from suspend. (Yes, that previous thread was mine -- still no solution)

I don't know if this is because I didn't do a clean install after upgrading the hardware or maybe it is the hardware is to new for the current kernel or if it is something else. I wasn't seeing any of these issues prior to the upgrade. Thoughts?

I would definitely have performed a clean install of Zorin OS. Your drivers are falling back to the most generic versions.


I guess if I'm going to spend the time doing that, I might as well try something out other than Zorin (maybe POP_OS! or UbuntuDDE). Sound works on boot but as soon as you open anything else with sound (other than system sounds) it kills all sounds. (I.e. web browser, VLC, default video layer, etc.)

I like your attitude of "When presented with an opportunity to learn and explore; Go For it.".:wink:

You mean Linux From Scratch? Cool.

What is the most annoying is not that these things are broken, but it is that they are only broken about 40-60% of the time. If it was broken 100% of the time, it would be a lot less frustrating, but when it works now and then 2 hours later it doesn't (and nothing has changed), that becomes frustrating.

For example, the mouse scrolling issue hasn't happened in the past few days and the audio has been working since the last reboot.

I wonder if reconfiguring your drivers and upgrading all would help.
You might run:

sudo dpkg-configure -a

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

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What package contains that command? Or did you mean sudo dpkg --configure -a? I already tried sudo apt full-upgrade before creating this post.

I ran the following

> sudo dpkg --configure -a  
> sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

With this result.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

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Thanks for correcting that. I had a memory lapse, there.


Interesting, but I don't think that will apply to my issue (since power cycling the mouse fixes it) and I don't have Bluetooth or WiFi on my desktop.

I do have an 1941 Motorola Tube Radio in the same room, but it is only plugged in when I'm listening to it and that isn't very often and not since I've seen the issue. :grin:

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Here they denied all this old radio. Only DAB radio. Sadly how many radio throw out window.

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I have this Kurér (radioapparat) – Wikipedia


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