New in Zorin OS world

I always liked Linux, but as a server infrastructure professional, I ended up using Windows most of the time.
These past month I decided to dive into Linux again, and Zorin OS 17.1 seems a good starting point.
But I'm experiencing some issues and would like the opinion of experienced users.
Mu desktop is a HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF with an Intel Core i5-2400 CPU, 6Gb of RAM. On Windows it perform well, although rare, it freezes sometimes. Windows is installed on A 250gb SSD.
I couldn't install Zorin on the same SSD drive so I installed on the original magnetic HD. I want to redo both installations, getting both OS's on the same SSD drive, but for that I'll need to reinstall Windows.
I just installed as a test, to see if I could make the change definitelly. So far I'm betting that I will ditch Windows for good.
The only problem is that Zorin froze much often then Windows.
Could it be the fact the is installed on a magnetic HD? It mostly freeze when I use brave browser. I tend to open multiples tabs, perhaps this is eating too much memory, I don't know...
Oh, during the installation, I select something else and decided myself the disk and size of root partition, but I didn't see how to create a Swap Partition at that time. Could it help create a Swap Partition?

In the past Brave Browser gave problems to some users and often was proposed to disable hardware acceleration. Or enable it to see if performance improves. Also, the more pages are opened the more the browser can slow down, same if you have many extensions running. Also, Brave loads additional services that other browsers don't have by default (like Brave Rewards) that might being slowing it down a bit more.

Hi and welcome to the forum.
I have seen other post/s here on the forum of users experiencing freezing when using Brave browser. Have you tried any other browser?
You should easily be able to create a swap partition when using the "something else" installation method. I have always done that. But if you are installing on SSD the consensus is thta you should not need swap. If you want to make changes to add swap, meybe this will help: Create a swap partition on already existing drive with zorin os installed

@ Luca_Pavan yeah, I started using FIrefox since came installed, but didn't had much time to properly test it. But definitely will stop using Brave, temporarily at least.

@zabadadoo well, after test a little with Firefox, I´ll give it a try setting a Swap file or partition...

Thank you both,
I definitely want to get away from Windows as much as I can...

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