New Instance of App In a Workspace

How can I create a new instance of an app if I have multiple workspaces? For example, currently, I've created two workspaces and opened Termius SSH client in the first workspace. When I go to the second workspace and try to open a new instance of Termius SSH client, I am moved to the app opened in the first workspace.

I've set "Isolate Workspaces" but it's not working.

I am talking about this application:

Launch more than one instance of a program in Ubuntu on another workspace - OMG! Ubuntu!.

Not working.

The app itself may not support it.

On XFCE (Zorin OS Lite) this can be done within the D.E. by navigating to
Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Focus tab. For "When a window raises itself", select an option other than "Switch to windows workspace". Or "Do Nothing,"

In Gnome (Zorin OS Core) this may be possible using a Gnome extension:

Yeah, I guess the application doesn't support it.

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