New Motherboard, CPU and RAM

Hello everyone! I thought it best to post it here and see if people who know best can enlighten me.

So my pc died a horrible death due to sea wind and I got new board, cpu and ram, but I kept my SSD in which Zorin is installed. Ofc I took it to an IT shop so some expert could do the equipment swap for me, I'd probably mess it up. Zorin actually was read by the new equipment just fine and I was able to make an update on the system without any issues.

But the shop technician said to me that usually it is a good practice to reinstall the whole system when you're with new equipment, but since the system got recognized he was rather unsure, not being very familiar with linux in general.

So... it all seems quite alright. Should I reinstall or nah? Should I do something like increase swap or anything since my ram went from 4gb to 16gb? Please, I'm kinda puzzled on this one, any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

I would say it is at your discretion.

I would go for a fresh install, just for peace of mind and the clean fresh new OS feeling.

But if you are happy with your setup, everything is working fine - you do not have to.
I would highly recommend backing up all personal or important files or data, just in case.

Increasing swap can be done only if you know you need to do so. Swap (on Windows or on GnuLinux) doesn't really act like "extra RAM" like we might wish. It is good in an emergency, but it won't prevent RAM from filling nor stop a game from bogging down or anything. It might prevent it from crashing.


What CPU / setup did you have before vs now; or was it a 1:1 swap?

If it's a laptop, usually those are kinda proprietary - depending on what you have..

I assure you that previously having 4gb of ram I know it very well that swap is a life saver, but not ram at all ahshshshs but it made some wonders on it's time like allow me to play Tomb Raider on 1fps xDD

Jokes aside, thanks for the feedback. I suppose I'll just leave it then, it's working quite fine and I don't like to be messing with my Zorin install, it's my fallback system, I mainly use arch, but you know instability. But Zorin is stupidly solid, it's just wow. I won't be messing with it unless absolutely necessary xD


Nah, no laptops. Before it was a shady motherboard not even the internet knew about which was a HM65DESK with an i7 2nd gen and 4gb ddr3.

Now I took my time, saved me some money and invested on a ASUS PRIME H310M-E with an i3 8th gen and a good 16gb ddr4. Gpu stayed the same old 750ti tho, gonna swap it another time.

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Definitely good to hear :sunglasses:

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