New Mozilla own Repository

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I want to change my Experience with the new Mozilla Repo and the Installation of Firefox. I used the Mozilla Guide to add it and it works good for me. I had no Problems and Errors.

The Preparation to have wget and create the Path /etc/apt/keyrings I didn't have to made because it was already in Zorin 17. So, I used the Commands and controled the Fingerprint and that's it. At the End I used the Command to change the Priority and that works good, too.

And now I have Firefox directly from Mozilla:

The only Thing that is a little bit ... disadvantageous: The Repo Files are in the sources.list.d Folder and in the keyrings Folder but in the ''Other Software'' List in ''Software & Updates'' there is no Entry for the Repo. When I use the Terminal it is listed there when I make a sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Maybe it isn't in the List because I add the Repo with the Terminal and not with the Button at the Bottom of the List. It is just a little Thing but in common it works without Problems.


Nice work. I still prefer installing manually from the downloadable tar.gz file, and I also prefer Firefox ESR (Extended Service Release).

Just FYI:

As far as I know (read it in an Article somewhere) can it be that Firefox ESR is landing in this Repo, too. They had add it in one after another. First was Firefox Nightly, then comes Firefox Beta and now the normal Firefox Version.

And there is another Thing: Will Thunderbird landing in this Repo, too?

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Firefox DEB GUI package

It is called Mozilla Repo ... so, theoretically it could. But we will see what happens in the Future.

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That is from Debian(sid) not from Mozilla itself.

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