New on Zorin, some details I want to fix

Hi all, I'm new here!!

I'm trying to scape from the Windows caos, so I'm in my third attempt to only use GNU/Linux. I have used Linux Mint Cinnamon and Ubuntu before, but, after about a week trying Ubuntu 24.04, I decided to try something new.

I have installed Zorin OS Core and have some questions:

  • First of all, ¿hoy can I see hoy much battery remains in my wireless headphones? In Windows I can see it, and also in Ubuntu 24.04 (Settings --> Energy, but it doesn't appear in Zorin).

  • Another question, when screen should turn off (after a peoriod of inactivity) it never really does. It becomes black, but doesn't turn off. My GPU is AMD, but not dedicated, included in Ryzen 7 5700U APU. There aren't any propietary drivers available.

¿Do you have any suggestions for my (little) problems?

Thank you :slight_smile:

In respect of your screen issue:

Will get back on headphone issue.


Re headphone issue see if you get the same results as in this ubuntu page:

Alternatively read the post with 38 votes here:

or alternatively post with 78 votes here:


Thank you a lot for the responses, @swarfendor437. I will review the links and come back with results.


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Hi again.

I am starting with the black screen problen, since it is more annoying. Users in the thread @swarfendor437 linked suggest to execute the next two commands:

xset s off && xset -dpms

First command xset s off can be executed, and, as I have investigated, it turns off screen saver. Ok, but the second command (which turns off Energy Star features, as I have read out there), xset -dpms, cannot be executed (error server does not have extension for -dpms option). I have investigated and it is because I am into a Wayland session, but I'm not going to switch to X11, because Wayland lets me apply different screen scale rate in different monitors, which is important for me.

Ok, at this moment, only having sucessfully executed the fist command, the result is that the screen doesn't go black, but instead, it never turns off, only shows the lock screen (wallpaper blur and a clock).

¿Any additional suggestion?

Thank you very much.

EDIT: Some new appreciations. If I lock the screen (Windows + L), it turns off for a few seconds but, after that, it turns on again and shows the lock screen. After some time, it becomes black, but never turns off again (and also, I have observed that the mouse pointer is visible).

Clearly the thread was based for Ubuntu on X11 and not Wayland!

That is why I am asking for a solution in Wayland, which was the dafault option when I installed Zorin.


Looks like a long-standing issue with Gnome but not Plasma (KDE):

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Thanks, it seems than I won't be able to fix it anytime soon :frowning:

I will review the Bluetooth links and come back.

Have a good day!

Well you could install Plasma DE which would create another entry on your cog at login screen. :wink:

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Yeah, thanks, but this is not my intention. I do not like too much having multiple desktop environments in the same OS. I'll have to get used to that bug until it is solved.

I will check the Bluetooth issue when I have time and let you know.