New Pulseaudio updates!

Well I thought I had got 'rid' of it but still getting updates despite me putting pulse in the 'pulse-off' folder in /etc.!
I decided to remove some items and one said it would remove Zorin OS desktop - which I am in now writing this thread after reboot! Bizarre! If I try to remove pulse-audio utils it wants to take KDE away completely! How can such C R A P P Y software be allowed to exist! Linus what WERE you thinking about letting Red Hat develop such rubbish compared to ALSA! Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh! Now going to try Chimaera on an old 200 Gb dying WD drive (Devuan 4.0).
Well just checked and Pulse got added back in /etc so had to delete pulse in the pulseoff folder to dump the new edition there - what a pain - at least with Devuan you can:

  1. Choose a different sysinit;
  2. Remove pulse audio at point of install. (version 4.0 - as pulseaudio conflicts with Orca screenreader for vision impaired users!)

It's the best way to go (not forgetting no flatpak, no snapd!)

Where there's systemd, there's Pulse-audio.


Is that a typo ? :wink:

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No, to stop Pulse Audio from running, but I see the wink, I suspect you meant I was being rude? Sure as **** I am! :hot_face:

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Thinking about it I should have marked the app as 'never update'!

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