New Sheriff in town


Just a little note that I've become moderator of Zorin OS forum. So any regulars don't get a Shock when I'm flashing my badge. :wink:

You may all have a nice day.



Well, since nobody seems eager to jump in with stupid Sheriff jokes, I'll start:


I'm glad you have agreed to step up and step in. And that part is not a joke.


I think you will find that being a moderator on this site is going to be a tougher job then you might think. Many have come and gone. But, if you stick with it and do a good job, you'll earn a medal so fine, it can be hung from any mantle piece lol.

Congrats...&...Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:
Moderation job is not an unknown land for me. I have been moderator over at ubuntu forums for over 14 years. :slight_smile:


oohhhh... SHUT UP!

EDIT: You have no idea how hard I am laughing right now... ^Mispost. In this thread. Of all Places. There's tears...

Hehehe. It's called fate :stuck_out_tongue:

Storm, not sure to congratulate you or give you a hug and let you know it's all gonna be OK...

But what I am certain of, is I can give you a 'Thank You'...

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Congrats and welcome :slight_smile: be nice with us

Hey Jeff, been awhile dude, how you been?

There is also, May The Force Be With You. :grin:

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LOL, I've been good Star, how about yourself?

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Glad to hear it Jeff! :+1:

Oh, I have been having my ups and downs with this pandemic situation that doesn't seem to want to go away. Its been a tough time for many, but I am hanging in there. Still enjoying my computer and all, and I am always learning new things when it comes to Linux.

More and more people are switching to Linux everyday, getting away from evil Microsoft, so I say thats a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hear ya on the ups and downs... And that pesky thing that won't go away...
I think it's time we all learn to live with it, and get on...

Glad you are well. That's the important thing.

I do a group chat will several friends, and they knock me for using linux, as if I'm a red headed step child.. I laugh when they complain about M$ updates and issues. I smh and say losers... lol

You are so right about the superiority complex seen by many Windows users. I have seen that a lot, and I know somebody who is totally complacent and uses Windows 10 with all the telemetry turned on. They think they are better then us, and those forced updates, bring them much frustration. lol

And now with talk about the new Windows 11, and the TPM module, and the host of many other things in the requirements to use Windows 11, its got Windows users in a total panic lol. Ohhh, and that TPM module that was supposed to be so secure, as to the reasons why Microsoft wants it utilized?

Yeah, the news is in, turns out that TPM module is actually hackable. Yes, the device that stores your encryption keys, is hackable. So ya, I tell ya, Microsoft has really gone too far this time. I think we are the normal ones who use Linux, its just the rest of the so called normies are catching up to us now lol.

Sometimes those group chats can get toxic, thats why I stay far away from Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. I don't even bother with Discord either.

I also find it funny how M$ has created their own linux distro, along with Edge, solely to steal peoples info. And now you can Theme windows. Gee, wonder where they got that idea from.... Freaking

When I finally am able to install 16 Pro (still dealing with that Dell issue), I'll start talking smack to the windows crowd, and laugh at their issues... Loudly.

My surprise is that you were not already, @Storm . I've been in here for a few weeks now (as a passive reader, without an account) and I saw you doing a very pro job in helping. So, well deserved!


Yep, I think we all know where MS stole the idea from. Truth is, Windows used to be slightly theme-able years ago, you could change window border styles and colors back in the XP and Win7 days. But in the Win10 era is when MS decided to stop people from customizing, and lock people into a terrible OS that spies on all your activities.

I can't wait to see you start laughing loudly at the Windows Crowd, that auda be a hoot lol. I hope you will let me know when you are Linux only from now on. As far as I am concerned, Windows can take a hike! LOL

I've been linux only since '17. Only use M$ it at work, because I have too...
I put in a suggestion for our company to move to linux, shot down quick
by the guys in IT. Too many important programs we have to use in windows.
:frowning: And the re-teaching people would be crazy..

congrats and good luck storm :cowboy_hat_face:. :partying_face: :partying_face: :smile: :smiley:

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Although @Storm has been promoted to Community Moderator, his cat has now been promoted to "Community Moderator Moderator" :smile_cat: