New Sheriff in town

Sssshhh. I'm not really Storm. I'm his cat who's taking control.



Awww, so cute! Your cat is the moderator to the regional moderator. Under his strict management, he will make sure we stop our shinanagains, while he shinans...again.

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@FrenchPress Congrats also :slight_smile: May the Force be with you

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Hi Storm,
It looks like I am your co-sheriff.
It is nice to know that I am NOT the only one. :sweat_smile:


Yep French Press is awesome too. I suppose with the release of OS 16, the dev team thought people were gonna need sudden help, (which we have already seen is true) and you guys were right for the job.

To be honest, its amazing just how many posts per day come in with support requests. I don't know how you guys do it all. But keep up the good work you guys, and French Press? I am a huge coffee drinker, if you could be so kind, make me a pot of your famous and ever so delicious, french pressed cups of coffee please? :grin:


Much obliged.
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

I actually use DeLonghi Espresso machine - sorry, no pot of American coffee :crazy_face:

Would you like a cake with it?

Or Japanese rice cracker?



Ahhh delicious, nothing like traditional coffee to wake me up in the morning. :coffee: My coffee maker is a Presto 12-cup percolator, it makes some tasty coffee.


I love a piece of cake, the frosting alone makes me smile. And I could never say no to a Japanese rice cracker, so I guess I'll have to have both.

Yes, I know, I am quite the character. :crazy_face:


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Now we got a third Sheriff @anon37206250
Great, I got one more person I can pass the buck :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to our new overlords. May your feet be well buttered and the moss delicious.


Yay for the overlords and their minions! :cat2: :cat2: :cat2:

Where is a humor topic on Zorin?


Good Suggestion!

Yes but because humor is heavily subjective, especially considering we are a family friendly site, we will need a warning in the thread that says rated G and rated PG only jokes.

Goodnight :milky_way:

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People sometimes need a some good humor. It gived people more happiness.
Everywhere on earth are people where websides have this topic.

So what is the problem guide forum or restriction is wrote what you can put here.
I remember i get some warnings example about my desktop wallpapers.
Humor could be about linux topic.

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btw, we need Pet thread also :slight_smile:

You should place each RAM in anti-static bag :crazy_face:

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Which cost you some female followers :wink:

Wish Granted.