New to Zorin 16 and My First Questions for the Forum

New to the Ex-Windows user world, so please be patient with my novice questions. I'm sure I'll have plenty

I decided in late March 2023 to research Ubuntu as I disliked Windows 10 Pro and was becoming to hate Windows 11 Pro, so went on a journey of researching into Ubuntu. I had used it in 2009/2010 and kind of enjoyed it, but at the time it became more of a pain as "everything" was Windows use outside of my "personal" control.

Narrowed it down Mint (cinnamon) and Zorin 16, well obviously you can see my choice. Ran Dual boot for about a week and liked it and said 'screw it'...full boot of 16 Pro (why not help the developers) dumping Windows and getting all of the basics up and running. Actually, fully committed myself two weeks ago and wiped my Windows Backup from my NAS.

I obviously wanted this challenge of trying to learn a different operating system. This is where my baby steps journey is about to begin. I have zero programming skills, coding background, or understanding of the language. Clearly I will have plenty of reading/learning in my future.

My first hurdles.

  1. I have WireGuard configured on my Unifi UDM SE and had no problems setting this computer up (Windows).
    I attempted to install it from the app store and couldn't get it to work, so uninstalled it.

Read this:

The link confused me even further because didn't really know how or where to start, since WireGuard is on my router and trying to avoid using SUDO as much as possible until my comfort level increases. I would be appreciative of just a nudge in the right direction to help where to begin.

  1. I have a QNAP NAS and all is well, the only issue is QSync and that I have to manually click on to get it to start everytime I turn the PC On...I tend to forget.

Install the gnome-tweaks application if not already and you can add programs or scripts to startup.

I have Tweaks Installed and didn't even realize that was right under my nose, good thing it wasn't a snake.

Appreciate it!

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I notice the solution on that other thread talks about setting up a separate server using Ubuntu - what you need is something different. Perhaps this might help (or hinder!)?:

Hi! I am new too. Been using Zorin for about 9 months or so now. Even I haven't completely blown away my Windows partition yet! Ballsy! Good on ya!

I am only chiming in here to suggest to you to download and install (and watch a youtube vid while you're at it on using) Timeshift. It's your Windows Restore for linux. You ARE going to mess up. And you WILL screw your system up. As careful as you will try to be, you will make mistakes as you learn. After having to completely start over a couple months ago with another fresh install I finally looked into a way of backing stuff up. It has already saved me 2 or 3 times since, so definitely look into that. You can get it in Software (the "store")
Hope this saves the life of a loved one some day!



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Looked it over and not quite sure that is the answer either.
My router gives me the Private key and Personal key for WireGuard, so my problem is when I installed it from the App store it won't open to allow me to insert these keys.

Thanks for the link, maybe it a combination of the 2, I'll mess around with it some more...Thanks

Thanks for chiming in, its why I posted, to hopefully get some good tips and a little help.
I don't think its Ballsy, just got rid of a crutch to lean on and just easily restore Windows now if I get frustrated.

I'm using gnome dejadup with regular back ups to my NAS.
I also have a USB stick that the Zorin OS Pro is just sitting on, incase I ever need to reflash.

Do the snapshots for Timeshift make restoring different then what I'm already doing or is it a way easier method?

I like a belt and braces job. If you are going to use an external device for Timeshift snapshots, then be aware that you should have a partition formatted to Ext4. You can't just Timeshift to an NTFS external drive. The other is that once you have your system how you like it, make a complete image of it using Rescuezilla:

For just backing up your /home folder, I would just create a folder on external hard drive (it doesn't matter if it is NTFS external drive) and name it Zorin 16.2 Home - then use Ctrl +H to show all hidden folders within /home and then select all and copy and paste into external folder you created.

Yeah, I'm backing up my entire Home folder to my NAS not worried about that, but the Rescuezilla is an idea for a USB or HDD I have just sitting in a box.

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