New to Zorin OS and i love it!

Hi there, im Danny and i switched from MacOS to Zorin OS 17 Pro and i love it!
I bought myself a brand new Lenovo Yoga 7i Gen 9 2024 model with the new Core Ultra CPU.

Ive been trying to get GPU hardware acceleration working in Manjaro (first attempt) then Ubuntu and even Fedora. With non of them i was able to get hardware acceleration working. Everything was software rendered and the CPU fan was blowing instantly when playing a Youtube video. Kernel updates failed, or drivers did not load.

Someone suggested to try Zorin OS with a kernel update using the Mainline tool. I Installed ZorinOS, upgraded the kernel, restarted Zorin OS and.... wow! what a smooth experience!

High-res PureSight with 120 fps working perfectly and a second screen with 2K 144hz.
The transition when moving windows from one screen to another is so good. Not even MacOS does it like this.

After a couple of hours trying ZorinOS and installing the applications im using the most (Synology Drive, Tailscale, Spotify, Brave, Proton etc) i decided to support the ZorinOS team and bought the Pro version.

Im staying and will never touch the Macbook M1 ever again. :slight_smile:


Nice to see that You are like it. One Question if You allow: What Kernel did You installed that it all runs?

I installed kernel version 6.8.1. So far everything works fine. I upgraded to 17 Pro after the kernel update without any issues.

I only had to add a single line of code to the ALSA config file to get all 4 speakers working (including bass). Out of the box only the back end speakers are working.


Welcome to Zorin OS. I am using the Pro version, too.

Good way to support the Zorin Group. Again, welcome.

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Now I'm curious. Gonna tag @Aravisian here if he can help.

If I update the kernel to 6.8.1 on my desktop ...

... what happens in the future when Zorin OS gets updated?

Say Zorin OS gets updated to 17.2 one day. What happens?

Will the kernel get overwritten or forcibly downgraded ... ?

Thanks to whoever can respond, including Aravisian. Appreciate it.

The kernel upgrades offered by Zorin OS follow the same linear progression of version number. So if the Zorin updater pushes through a kernel of an earlier (lower number) version, then your installed later (higher number) kernel will still remain preferred at boot.

If the version from Zorin is later, then it will finally get preferred boot; but it will not overwrite your existing earlier kernel since you may need it to fall back to.


Thank you very much.

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Good to know. When version 6.8 was first released, people asked about this it caused some issues. Maybe @AhavaLeaf wants to try again with 6.8.1?

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Yea thanks but my computer is on the fritz and so I’m waiting for my new computer to arrive, a refurbished Apple MacBook Air. So until it arrives I’m out of commission. Hopefully arrives this week.