New to Zorin with a few questions

Good Afternoon Everyone. I trust you are all doing well.
I decided after years to switch over to Linux. I will not go into detail why I made this choice just say I got fed up with weak AMD support. As luck would have it. I parked my Ryzen for much needed upgrades ( don't have much time for this yet ) a month after that my I7 motherboard blew 2 caps. So here I sit with an A8-3870K with an rx 470. I don't game much so it's good. Anyway... I have a few questions.

  1. Do I need to install an AMD driver or will the generic driver work well? The reason why I ask is. I have a lot of programs and some old games that are windows based. I got wine installed but a game like diablo 1 would crash. I still need to test more but I am limited on time.

2.Are their any program like advanced IP scanner for Zorin OS?I did try angry IP but it does not have the same features as Advanced IP scanner and Wine gives an error when connecting to second network. I have 1 line but 2 routers. On my router only Myself can see this router but I can see everyone's Network. The Reason for this is. My server has my work documents on.

  1. This is actually a silly question but I should know the answer already. I have a dual xeon server with 32gb ram. Now I use it for my plex server and to run my virtual machines. I am happy with Zorin So I am thinking to change her OS as well. Now the question is that. My VM machines runs Linux and I configure it through putty. Will I be able to set it up on my server more on a soft-code way physically
    on the OS as the file structure is the same or will that interfere with the OS it self. The files will be added and the only command I will run is ./start and ./stop to start and stop the server.

Thank You everyone. Have a Blessed day.
PS English are not my native language so excuse me if I made some mistakes.

Hi and Welcome. AMD video drivers are included in the Linux kernel. I never use proprietary drivers anyway and have had best display with Linux Nouveau driver. As for IP Scanning, something I don't use I would advise taking a look here:

As for VM's, I have never installed or maintained a server, that is above my experience. Zorin can be used as a server but you need to add the server packages to do so, just as with Ubuntu. I have heard of 'putty' but never used it. In terms of VM software, my prefererence is for virt-manager every time over Virtual Box.
Enjoy your Zorin!

Unless you have an Nvidia GPU, the preferred drivers are shipped with Zorin and Linux in general :wink:

Thank you very much. This is actually the first time that I switched over to Linux. Good thing is I was born in the 80's so we only had dos back then. Good to have command lines working.

1 Last question. I had this problem for a long time. Windows 11 locked my games folder where I usually install steam games etc to read only. I tried everything to unlock drive on my old os and it did not work. I tried chown and chmod and neither can unlock my games folder. The problem is I cannot install to that drive at all and I can also not copy something to a different drive as it keeps the file read only. It's an old NTFS file system I created many years ago. (drive is 10 years old and still healthy)

If you want to game with Steam on Linux, you have to install it on an EXT4 paritition. Asking for running from NTFS is asking for trouble. :wink:

Man. I only have a 120 gb ssd. I usually just use it to install os and path of exile. I will upgrade my ssd but it's the last item to upgrade. I still have the problem on the folder though. I use my ntfs driver for my emulators etc. On old OS I could right click a compressed file and run it as admin. I did enable admin on zorin. Hmmm I actually forgot winrar should have a linux version. That may work.

EDIT: Ok i got it sorted. I ran winrar for windows with wine as it runs it auto as admin. Uncompressed the file and it works. Only problem is I can't copy it to any of my ntfs disks. It's not a train smash though as I use 1 compressed file per use .

Not trying to be a thorn, many other questions were answered and servers is kind of my thing. I would not recommend zorin for a plex server, it's not that it will fail, nor am I saying I've tried it. What I am leaning towards however is support, plex is listed for Ubuntu, Fedora(Centos), or OpenSuSe, so it's ever more likely the support for any problems faced would be best supported by choosing one of those. Fedora(RedHat/CentOS) is extremely solid with much tenure and support available, likewise is true for direct Ubuntu. And while ZorinOS is based/branched from Ubuntu they are quite sticky when you ask for support from "their community".

So, I recommend Ubuntu if you're trying to keep it close to this OS

If you have Windows installed yet, you may want to read and implement Before You Install. This explains how hibernation and windows fast boot (not the bios) locks the drives from external write operations.

You can keep it as NTFS, I've done this and updated my games from Zorin, though I play in windows.

You can use a live image of windows to disable those "features" if it isn't installed.

That there explains your "locked" problem

The NTFS drivers used on Linux Systems is quite underdeveloped, and it breaks often. Because of this, NTFS support on Linux kind of sucks.

If possible, move to an ext4 formatted drive/partition instead, as those are natively supported.

You can also backup your games through Steam first and restore them to the newly partitioned drive later.

Sorry for the late reply. Been hectic Busy. I am not going to run a plex server at the moment. I have to buy a external just to backup my files and do a proper format on my old hard drives. I could not run pcsx 2 on windows even on Dirext X but here I run it just fine on opengl ( I know AMD somewhat fixed the suck Opengl )

Rather than opening a new Thread. Just want to ask. What is the minimum age requirements for zorin os lite? I have a retro gaming pc. think it is a 2006 amd athlon 4600+ with 2 gb ram and a nvidia gt610. When ever I install Zorin it will install then at the end it will display installer has encountered an error.

Is it 64-bit?
Also you need to run lite version of Zorin 16 core as the minimum requirements is 4 GB (but perform best with 8 GB+). Also you GPU is not supported by the restricted driver and rely on the open source driver.

Ah, thank you. Yes, it is 64-bit and I did try Zorin Lite. I tried around 4-5 different distros and only Mint installed. Others either stuck while loading or give an error while installing. It has native Nvidia driver support. Wanted to use the same distro for my network setup but I know my retro gaming PC is way overdue for an upgrade. Just need to install Zorin on my Xeon when I have time. We have 10 hours of no power each day so I have to work late at night.

Edit. I made progress. I got my 1tb and 2tb write permission with
sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdxx /mnt/ntfs2/
My SSD is fine cause it's running the os. I have a 500gb laptop hard drive just for files. But there is stuff I need to delete. Whenever I try to mount it it gives me error. File system is broken. I tried ntfsfix and it says it's read-only. Going to see if I can get it working. ( even with an admin account )

Edit:Edit. Ok got the last drive working as well. For some reason disk manager read it as a Fat32. I edit it with mount option and It changed to NTFS.

I understand what you are saying and not trying to discredit your point. Just wanted to point out I have used Zorin as a Plex Server for a quite a while with no issues so I do not think you are destined to walk into issues. The install process is slightly more difficult than with regular Ubuntu though (their automated script to install does not work)

Sorry for the late reply again. I am just really busy. It was actually Windows that locked the drive. I even took ownership of the folder that was locked and it still refused me to write to the games folder. I got it sorted in Linux. Thank you everyone for the help.

Yeah, windows does that. It's not your machine, it's MSs machine... as long as you're running windows anyway.

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