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It's been about four months now since I put my Windows PC into the attic and began using Zorin full-time and... there's nothing to report. I switch on my PC, do stuff and then switch it off again at the end of the day. The OS does its job and doesn't bother me. Can't say fairer than that, can you? I'm glad I made the switch. I'm more than happy to support the Devs by buying the Pro version - it's well worth the modest outlay for something that I use on a daily basis, and being free of big corporate interference is a truely uplifting experience. Please keep up the good work.


As a developer myself, I can say that is often the best feedback you can get. Awesome to hear it has been a great experience for you. I bought the Pro version for the same reason. I and perfectly capable of setting it up in the same way, but I love supporting devs that make a difference.


Hey I do the same exact thing on Linux, Windows, and Apple. Also Android and iOS. Most operating systems work as intended. :v:t3:

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The difference with GNU/Linux is it does not data-scrape or sell on your details to third parties, nor does un-Googled Android. As someone stated on another GNU/Linux forum, "At least I know what is going on under the hood" - you can't attain that with other Operating Systems. Also with GNU/Linux you own the operating system, with others you just have a licence to run the OS, it is never yours.

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No one can guarantee this. There have been incidents of malicious code being merged into open source software.

Precisely, free software cannot be proprietary, not even by its developers.

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I wasn't inferring security issues in terms of data scraping or personal details, the biggest security issue for any OS is P.I.C.N.I.C. (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer!). Proton Mail recently pointed out that Outlook now feeds 3rd Party companies user data. And with all the data being scraped off Windows 11, who knows where that is going to go.

That's true, but there's a world of difference between incidents and business as usual. Open source is a deterrent in and on itself for this type of data collection, as it's only valuable on an ongoing basis.

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My point is that trust is not given by others. Who is developing the project? Is it well maintained? Beyond such questions, there is trust. Linux is not trusted because it is Linux.


I could argue with equal validity that GnuLinux is trusted because it is GnuLinux (Specifically, due to how GnuLinux operates).

I think that a malicious actor, which can occur on any Operating System, is not the same as how M.S. Windows incorporates spyware and advertisements into its design.


Couldn't resist posting this but perhaps should be in the humour thread (PICNIC):

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Candidate for this thread, me thinks: The Linux Humor Thread

Well perhaps there should be a Windows humour thread!

Your attitude is very beautiful and I'm sure that the entire Zorin World will appreciate it.