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Hello :slight_smile:

I am french gamer during a long times on Windows.
Of course, i have in the past try some Linux OS (Mandriva, Mageia, Ubuntu)

I have read 2 weeks ago, my favorite game (Hell Let Loose) can launch with Steam/play and Proton.

Then, I decided to switch to Linux and my choice fell on Zorin Pro minimal install ( I don't like many app I don't use, I uninstall remmina for example) after trying the ISO.

I install on my 2 computers :
Gamer : old computer 2012 :rofl: but run fine for play with i7 3770k / 2xRX480 (probably only one run, i dont know how to check) / 16 Gb RAM / 1x SSD + 1x HD

Laptop : Acer Switch 3.

No problem, all run fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But i want to do feedback :

1- As for Ubuntu and it's derivatives (but Unlike Mandriva/Mageia) the /home partition is not created by default, I find it very damaging if you need to re-install it.
Personally I created it on my second hard drive so I put the games directly on it.

2- The firewall tool is installed by default but is not activated... so we wonder why it is there... (joke :sweat_smile:)

3- In the software library there are 2 packages for Steam but only one works.

4- If you want to edit the menu, it is very complicated. There is no such thing as drag and paste.
I do topic on a french forum : Modifier le menu -

5- I know that on Mageia, we had useful links from the distribution which were inserted by default in the Firefox browser (like the forum, assistance etc...).
This is a great help for beginners.
I didn't pay much attention but I didn't see anything.

Thank you for your work
Happy new years and see you soon :slight_smile:

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Out of the box, Ubuntu ships with no TCP or UDP ports open, hence the belief that there's no reason to run Uncomplicated Firewall (ufw) by default. I agree, though, that having ufw disabled is a strange decision.

Bonjour Arnaud! :blush:

Honestly, I do not see much of a use for a firewall on an end-user device in a standard network, e.g. at home or at work, either. You are usually connected to a router, which already serves as a firewall for all connected devices.

Everything beyond that would come down to a custom configuration. Either that or lock everything down tight by default and prepare for the Internet to die in a thermonuclear fire as 3 bn. people post their desperate cries for help on every social media this side of Andromeda because a thousand things do not work any longer. Good luck getting that sorted out. :see_no_evil:

That said, the double and triple entries in the Software Store and the handling of menu entries annoy me as well. Good points.


Thank you for answer.

I still activated the firewall, it costs nothing and my laptop can be connected via public wifi.

For menu @Ragnir I installed "SimpleMenu", this make editing categories much easier.


Hey, sure—if it's of any use to you, activate it, by all means. But I have a feeling you know what it does and how to work with it. :sunglasses:

I will definitely check out SimpleMenu, thank you! :+1:

Bonjour @Aranud ! I have written the unofficial manual for Zorin 17 Core (and 15 Core) but haven't got round to doing what I did with 12 (translate into French, German, Greek and Italian using Google docs - was going to do Spanish but a very generous forum member from Argentina kindly did the Spanish one for me!) I need to get my a r s e into gear! In the existing manuals I explain about Main Menu and how it can be used to create entries for applications added manually, such as Firefox ESR as shown in this video (4 minutes 10 seconds in):

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