[New user] how can i update zorin os 12.4 to zorin os 16 lite without bootable usb

Hey! I recently shifted from windows 10 to zorin 12.4 lite. Can i update to zorin 16 lite without bootable usb?

You can use DVD in the CDROM instead of USB...

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My laptop doesnt have a cd rom slot. However i had a usb(its broken) i used a microsd card of 2gb to install zorin os 12.4 lite. Is there any other way i can install zorin os 16 lite?

You need a medium from which to boot from; or at the very least, read from.
This is made trickier by it being a notebook computer. One option would be to burn to another hard disk, then connect the hard disk via the sata cable.
You would need to have a spare HDD or SSD and would need to disassemble the notebook computer to do this...

Another option would be to get a USB Plug In CDROM - there are many to choose from for sale these days inexpensively if you have a function USB Port (And it is only the USB Stick that is broken)...

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I think i have a old hdd lying around. I will try this method btw thanks bro u r answering queries within minutes. I hope this works😊

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