New user of zorin lite


I'd like to ask two things:

  1. Is there a way to turn on night mode?

  2. Is there a way to change brightness of my monitor?

By monitor I meant laptop screen

Welcome to the Forum.

I think Night mode comes with Gnome desktop (Zorin Core/Ultimate). For XFCE desktop (Zolin Lite) you have to install app called Redshift. You can install it in Software.

I think the brightness key on the laptop should work. For the desktop, there is a brightness adjusting button somewehre on the monitor itself.

Which is the brightness adjusting button? I don't think my laptop has that.

I've never seen a laptop without brightness control keys.
It looks like this on my HP Elitebook.

Just bellow Hello Kitty is a dimming key, on its right increasing brightness.

Keys on 10 yeas old Acer Aspire:

The brightness keys will require you to hold fn (function) key and press the key you want to use. In 15.3 lite it may not be supported depending on your hardware, but there is a workaround for screen brightness shortcuts in the tutorial section of this forum. If they don't work natively, try that. Backup before you attempt so you can restore if it doesn't work out.

Be careful you don't confuse it with the keyboard background shortcut tutorial.