New Veracrypt 1.25 solves Tray Icon Problem!

Changelog: VeraCrypt - Free Open source disk encryption with strong security for the Paranoid

  • Linux:

  • Add UI language support using installed XML files. Language is automatically detected using "LANG" environment variable
  • Compatiblity with with pam_tmpdir.
  • Display icon in notification area on Ubuntu 18.04 and newer (contibuted by
  • Add CLI switch (--size=max) and UI option to give a file container all available free space on the disk where it is created.
  • Return error if unknown filesystem value specified in CLI --filesystem switch instead of silently skipping filesystem creation.

Under ZorinOS 16 now we have a proper tray Icon when VC is started and listening in background.


Awesome. Perhaps we should Tag the ZorinGroup to review this:
@AZorin and @zorink

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mine doesn't work after installation. it apears in start menu but nothing happens when i try to start it. also don't know how to uninstall it. it was the package for ubuntu 21.0

ZorinOS 16 is based on ubuntu 20.04, so i have choosen the Version that is recommended for ubuntu 20.04.

Then the uninstall problem:

my system offers minimum two ways of uninstalling veracrypt

  1. via terminal by sudo apt-get remove veracrypt
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-12-23 09-44-32

  2. via Synaptic (can be installed via sudo apt-get install synaptic from the ubuntu repos)

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