New version Zorin

I believe when new version Zorin will be on the internet, the Zorin back to the top 10

Don't make me say the same thing over and over again. What is the point of Zorin OS being in the top 10?

You know what's funny...a new OS release is praised for its innovative additions, loved for the responsiveness and features, coveted by all... sometimes to the point of piracy.

Two years later, that same OS, though it remains stable, responsive and current (possibly even ahead of the curve to some degree) is mislabeled as old, out dated, slow and should be abandoned.

I realize that android and IOS have spoiled people a bit with new editions being released, seemingly, every six months. Some of the new features were great, some of the old were dropped (and people didn't care for that), new security is implemented and changed. People complain about not having control of their phones... similar to the complaint of M$.

Desktops and Laptops are not phones. We used to wait five plus years for new OSs, now get them in two. For those that don't like change, they are supported for four to five years. Those that are looking for the latest and greatest, try a rolling distro.

Windows can not provide all of what you're looking for, that's why you're here... along with privacy concerns.

Ultimately, we chose to explore Linux, found a distro that aligns with our concerns, requested features, reliability and remains responsive. Now we have to consider the people that create that distro.

When you visit a mechanic, do you tell him to change your oil in two minutes? Fifteen minutes is already quick, but you see the process, understand why it's taking so long and deal.

It's no different with an OS, except you don't see the process. Do you think there is a faster way to consider and choose new features to implement, code and test the features, debug (because code written the first time is not efficient nor will it always work), test and repeat until you have a stable product you are willing to share, then compile it and package it so it's easy for everyone else to install?

Each one of those steps isn't a simple decision... they are broken down into other steps, then further broken down into even more steps until there is a clear instruction to complete each goal that was the original steps (sorry if I lost you there). If you know a way to do it faster and better then the devs, ask to be a part of the team.

Otherwise, enjoy what you have, understand it's not a simple process anymore than painting or writing and know, it could be worse... it could be only one person, the same as M$ or Google, developing Linux that doesn't listen and won't allow anyone to help. How long do you think it would take for a new release then?


I checked always new version any linux distributions are on top when new version coming on the land. Why? Because people are curious and always searching and taking observation if something is worth or better from another distributions linux.
The nature people always is the same.


Thanks that is one of the better explanations of why we need to be patient when waiting for a new version of an OS to be finished ...... it boggles my mind to think of all the steps involved and all the testing that goes into developing any type of software .....

I may have told this story back when I started using Zorin ..... I can't remember ....

Back when I was a young chap and had just bought my very first computer I was so impressed with the technology that I went out and bought a book on how to program in Basic ..... yea it was that long ago ..... anyway the first lesson was to make a Champagne glass that had bubbles float up in the Champagne and bursting when it reached the rim .....

I worked diligently for over 3 weeks spending untold hours developing my creation ..... my Frankenstein so to speak cause that is what it resembled .... now for the bad part I finally got done and THOUGHT I had copied it over to a 5 1/4 floppy only to discover later either I wrote over top of the master piece OR I never transferred it at all ....

And so my programming days were cut short and my Basic Handbook made it to the nearest trash can .... :sob: :sob: :rofl:


Then, am I an exception to your theory? No matter what rank Zorin OS is, if it is not a great OS for me, it is worthless.

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That is good question. What developers doing if some project in ubuntu will be down but they are still ok. They will be still exist or they will be cut in new version?
Android 4.4 kitkat and android 11 for me is bloat many functions what i never used and don't want that. Simple is better. Linux must be a simple and not a supermarket, when I can lost many time to configure him and understable. Don't forget about Zorin idea on first place this is operating system for people who are beginners and jump from windows to linux. Ok, some new innovations i liked, Zorin is like a wardrobe. Full customization to your preferences.


This entire post deserves an award - and to be quoted all over the internet.


when will zorinos 17 be released? will it skip ubuntu 22.04 and wait based on ubuntu 24.04? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :thinking:

It will not, because Ubuntu 24.04 has not been released yet, either.

Work on Zorin OS 17 already began quite a long while ago.


The problem is that no matter how good advice is, some people won't listen.

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Just maybe it will give those that think technology is advanced at the speed of thought pause, to really consider what they expect and find reality.

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Unfortunately, the title of this thread immediately recalled several complaints that the OS is outdated and the devs need to move faster.

That was the precurser to that post. It's even more unfortunate that it had to be said.


I reading you cannot get on linux distribution both LTS and Rolling Release.
I reading also package are old in linux distribution is Debian<Fedora<Arch
The conclusion debian are very old but stable,fedora are newer,and arch is newest with now kernel 6.4
New version Zorin propably will be in October.

As soon as Z17 is released, you can guarantee some will be asking for Z18 :crazy_face:
I will not be one of them. I prefer stability and reliabilty in a OS. Zorin has given that in past versions and I am happy to wait for that in Z17.


When 17 is released, I would like to see this sentence again.

The people, when seeing the new windows coming outside, or new version apple. The same linux people want new things and new version. I liked when it just working. What new version Zorin 17 gived you? Better desktop shining? All linux have kernels,diffrent packages also diffrent desktops. They all the same inside.

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How can you assert that? I believe that everyone has their own will.

Well it comes from business creation economy and a corporation.
I have my old mobile what working on 4.4 kitkat. Very nice mobile.
The issue is people learning using application what in this mobile isn't support anymore because my android is lower version android.
What i saw, when i bought next version mobile nokia 7 plus with android 8 for me is ok but some next 5 years, b atery is weak. Then i bought next version with android 12. There is many bloat app and settings what i never will using and i am not interested.
@Hackgets if you have or will be have a kids. Then you understable they want newest iphone and everything what on "god" youtube a creation on this world - for me this is madness.

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