New Zorin 16.2 installation on UEFI bios laptop

Hi all, I'm new here but not new to Linux. I have been given a good 2 year old laptop with Window 11 installed. I plan to wipe the SSD (or replace it) and do fresh install of Zorin16.2. The laptop has a UEFI bios. I am well used to older type bios systems but wondered if there is anything special that I need to know or do in installing Linux as planned? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

There really isn't.

Knowledge is always helpful and our brains have such high capacity, that we could never fill them. So knowing more about how EFI works may be beneficial, but it is also not required.

Installation of Zorin OS using the Ubiquity installer is very straight forward. When you select to install as EFI, the installer will assign the Zorin boot entry in the EFI Partition. You do not need to write it or do it manually (except in unusual cases where the user accidentally removed their EFI partition.)

While many of us will likely be happy to answer questions about EFI or GPT (GUID Partition Table, not So-called AI) as they arise, you are not likely to need them in order to install Zorin OS.

Many thanks.

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