New Zorin 16.2 Pro install. nVidia Wrong Resolution

Hi, I'm New (to this forum and Linux)

I just installed Zorin 16.2 Pro on my Zotac ECM73070C and I've nVidia 3070 (with built-in Intel gfx in this machine)

I'm using 525 Proprietary drivers but resolution is NOT correct. On Windows, I've 1920x1200 but on Zorin, I've maximum of 1600x900. Monitor driver seems incorrect??

Also, on Windows, I enabled manual Fan control to keep card cool so, HOW I can do this on Zorin 16.2?

edit: Shutdown does NOT shutdown and CPU Fan goes full (crazy)! (some power management?)

edit: typing in Keyboard @ shows " and " shows @ etc etc

I think there is a typo in that nVidia driver, suspect you should have posted 525 not 325.

I'm not a graphics expert so can't help with that.

As for fan control I would follow Chris Titus Tech advice on Notebooks here:

Whilst it is aimed at Notebooks there is reference to reducing fans blasting.

As for the @ problem, sounds like it is set to US keyboard layout or UK layout, you haven't stated where you live/keyboard in use.

Yep,.. Typo error (corrected)

I need to Fix Screen resolution. Don't know how USB installer stick booted perfectly the first time (must have used built-in iGPU i guess)

I need GPU Fan controls (to keep GPUs cool) and Fix Shutdown (where CPU Fans goes to 100% and doesn't Not power down).

I will try changing to US Keyboard layout,.. thanks

See if updating the kernel to 5.8 helps.

(Zorin 16 is based on ubuntu 20.04)

Other potential solutions regarding power off issue:

I reinstalled Zorin while Not selecting update third party drivers etc. Display monitor was detected as Ancor Communications 25', incorrect name but it enabled 1920x1200 using Nouveau driver (which is great). After I switched to nVidia Proprietary driver, Display Setting show "Unknown Display" and again, I lost full resolution and got stuck to 1600x900 :face_vomiting:

I'm checking out various solutions like this and so on,.. but going through all this has ruined my first experience,.. All this reminds me of hackintosh days ::

Is there any way to change monitor drivers while on top of nvidia Proprietary drivers?

EDIT: can someone please send this to nVidia :rage: Ok,.. I'm Deleting Zorin and going back to Windows assuming there won't be any solution to this

What happens if you open nvidia settings ?

on nVidia proprietary drivers, I could open settings. I tried to set 1920x1200 resolution (advance button) but it looked disgusting (as if it was virtually set 1920x1200 on top of 1600x900).

When I'm using Nouveau driver,.. I can use 1920x1200 resolution BUT nVidia settings will Not open.

Anyways,.. I deleted Zorin install, most likely I won't buy any hardware that has nVidia inside :thinking:

In the nvidia app there is a prime setting, you had to enable that.

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