New Zorin 16.3?

I saw on website and my gmail, new version Zorin 16.3

Noticed that im on 16.3 core now after reading the email I never noticed before lol.
Am I right in thinking zorin 17 will be towards the end of the year.

Probably around November/December 2023. Just a guess. They released Zorin 16 around August 2021 about 4 months after 15.3 was released. Since they just released 16.3, it will probably be close to 4 months later when 17 is released. Again, just a guess.

The full new version released propably, what i remember was before every new version windows.

Yeah, and it is better than previous one :slight_smile:
Really optimized for new devices, at least in my case, for my new laptop

On webside Zorin - they wrote what they created.
Some reviews on youtube sayed good distribution.

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