New Zorin edition?

I booted my Z16 VM to see if I could solve an issue someone was having with the upgrader and now I see this... "Zorin OS 17.1 Test". No upgrade available, just a button that opens the register to the Zorin newsletter website. It doesn't seem to represent any of the existing 17.1 variants, as Core, Pro and Education are there (assuming it's not Lite because, if I'm not remembering wrong, upgrading from Core to Lite was not an option in the upgrader before and adding it when silently announcing its retirement doesn't seem like something they would do)

Do you think the ZorinGroup may be working on implementing a different desktop environment and that be the cause of the retirement of Lite, another edition that still uses gnome but comes with a different set of software, just testing the upgrader with nothing new in mind or something else?


I never saw this, i don't know what it could be.

Interesting. Because of this ''Test'' it could be a Beta Version? The Position of this Entry ist interesting, too because it is seperated from the other 17.1 Entries above the 16.3 Entries.

Implement a different Desktop Environment ... maybe a Test to replace to Gnome Desktop to another. Or - a far bigger Step - a different Base; instead of Ubuntu they bring another Base.

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Being verbose is not necessarily a good thing, but if there is a significant change and it is at a stage where users can test it, there should be a clear statement. :expressionless: