New Zorin Os challenges

I've been reading some pretty interesting comments regarding Windows 11.
It seems that the strategy behind it is to make Windows better adapted to the current situation, in the sense that it facilitates the transition from the tablet world to the PC and laptop, (as has been happening, for example with Google with its Crhomebooks).
Will Gnu Linux in general and Zorin Os in particular be able to adequately face this new challenge? Or will Gnu Linux (desktop version) finally disappear?
I have always wondered if Zorin Os can be installed on a tablet.
Is it possible? If so, does it work properly?

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Currently, the ZorinGroup is working on an ARM64 version.
As it stands, Zorin OS can be installed on a Tablet or Cell phone; Somewhere on the forum, you can find some images I posted of Zorin installed on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. It is not easy to do and I had to modify a lot. From my own experience, I would definitely recommend waiting to see what the ZorinGroup comes up with.


Zorin on RaspberryPi :star_struck:
That would give me a reason to shed 90 Euro for 8GB version of RasPi 4!


I've been waiting for some time for a more desktop oriented linux distro for raspberry, as raspbian never really made me happy. I've basically built my own desktop based on raspian basic + xfce with some extensions, on top of it I've installed Zorin Lite theme :slight_smile: However, after testing some raspberry options, i really believe any ARM version OS should try to use debian not ubuntu. Said that, I really hope ARM Zorin would consider to be based in raspbian and not ubuntu. Speed in Raspberry is paramount. Looking forward to test myself Zorin Arm version.


While you are waiting, you could try MXLinux.
It is based on Debian and (luckily) devoid of systemD.

I have been using it for WordPress staging (installed on 4GB RasPi4) and I am very happy with it.

Ah, I am not the only one who feels that way :slight_smile:
I only use headless version of Raspi OS as a cups printer server to convert our 10 years old HP laserjet to a network printer.

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This is cool! Any news on the time frame?

I have no idea at all. You may direct this question directly to the ZorinGroup @AZorin and /or @zorink