New Zorin vs Mint review

Continuing to not get toooooo far off topic, your favorite video (How Electricity works) made me smile . . . hubby & I have been living literally 'off (utility) grid for 40 years. When we sold our previous (all solar electric) house, one of the lookers admitted they didn't know much about electricity. Yet they use it every day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The interesting is title "New Zorin vs Mint."
The new Zorin will be birthday this year in summer what the main webside Zorin wrote but everything could be happen.
One what I can sayed both are usable the diffrents are the mint have own server with packages,more people on project.
Zorin everyone know how it looks crazy,stable on GTK2/3 with many type layouts. Zorin is simple not complicated.

When you stop to think about it, the amount of things we take for granted and we don't even know how they work or where they come from... just think of a computer and all the moving parts involved.

Just to correct this thread - it is GNU/Linux - you can't have one without the other (and yes I was called Mr. Pedantic when I was at work - and pleased I was!).
GNU is the OS, Linux is the kernel.

Well, technically that's not true either. For example, Android or Alpine Linux don't need GNU. :slight_smile:

As several people have already said each OS has it's pluses and minuses. I have found that for my hardware LM just seems to run better and LM recognizes new peripherals better. But this forum for me has been way more help than the forum for LM. I can post a question here and usually within a few hours I get a response. I have posted questions on the LM forum and sometimes even after a couple of days still haven't gotten a response. Zorin was and is the main reason I finally made a complete switch away from windoze. Except for win 7 that I have set up on a virtual machine I haven't used official windows in over a year and a half. I have looked at some other distros but keep coming back to Zorin and LM. For me both are great alternatives to windoze.

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Yes that is true. Both are simple for user who don't know to much about linux and all that stuff.

Absolutely Zenzen!! Automobiles are another perfect example. They have gotten so 'engineered' that a regular person can't even work on/fix them. A 'joke' that further shows this is how cars with manual shifting are considered less vulnerable to theft because most drivers do not know how to shift gear manually. (I drive a stick shift :joy:)


I cannot stand automatic transmission.

And worse, they are really pushing the CVT now, which is a much, much bigger problem. The CVT Concept works great in a blender. Not so much scaled up to a car.

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I hear that... when I was shopping last year during the car crunch in April (Had to get rid of my GMC Terrain due to the oil consumption issue which wasn't covered under a recall) I was kinda forced to go between Rav4 & CR-V, FORD dealership alienated me during a visit. After doing a quick review of the models, and seeing a lot of CVT criticism, went with the RAV4.

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Ditto Aravisan. I feel I am in better control of my vehicle when I have to pay attention to how it is functioning. One of my first cars was an old original VW 'bug'. Not only did I learn to listen to the motor, I learned how to fix it - repaired transmission after taking engine out (by myself with help of floor jack). My dad's rules were - Its your car, you fix it. (he did help) I do NOT want a new car - too much beyond my control and over priced to say the least. I plan on driving my 1996 manual shift until the wheels go square (lol).


Whilst that may be so it might explain why I have had no joy trying out Alpine Linux. The majority of desktop OS's are GNU/Linux. Android is a phone/tablet OS and if we are splitting hairs, MacOS is closed source Linux also with a bit of BSD thrown in (Darwin). :wink:

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