New Zorin vs Mint review

He gives it a tie but the edge to Zorin.

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I think the title is misleading, it would have been better - 'best distro for new users to GNU/Linux 2023' and not the best distro!

Sadly, while the video maker did cover a LOT of ground, the rushed speaking and 'flash' images made it difficult to appreciate and follow what was being said.

I actually had been using Mint for the last 5-ish years and am finding Zorin easier and 'cleaner' (more direct) to use. However my usage isn't as deep as I suspect most others' are.


I'm tired of Youtube because most of the videos are just sensational and have no substance.


My youtube subscrips include kurzgesagt, scishow, it's okay to be smart, geogirl, eons...
Sadly, I am not above vehemently correcting the science that any of them get Wrong On The Internet.


I respect your efforts, but I fear you will be exhausted.

They are scientists, not conspiracy claimants, so far more willing to accept accuracy checks.:wink:


Some of the best videos I've watched happen because of viewer feedback correcting some experiment criteria or something, and then a new video has to be made to stand up to the expectations. For example, on of my favorites:

EDIT: Just to not get entirely off-topic here, I will also comment on my experience using both Zorin and Mint.

Overall, I found Mint to be more stable than Zorin, as I occasionally experienced random crashes on both Z15 and Z16 on three separate machines. This is annoying and obviously damaging to the user experience, but I've found that is not deal breaker neither for me and others that had this issue.

On the other hand, I recently run into an unexpected GRUB screen while updating Mint and due to lack of knowledge I choose an option that bricked my device and forced me to re-install the OS entirely. Granted, this is my fault for not knowing better... but then again beginner-friendly distributions should never rely on user expertise in the first place.

So in conclusion, with Zorin I experienced more crashes that could be easily solved by rebooting. Never lost any data. With Mint the experience was good and smooth but caused me to lost all my data and having to spend more time re-installing the OS.
Performance-wise I would say both were about equal, with no noticeable difference for most uses.

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Since Linux distros are easy to try out, I don't have time to look at other people's reviews.

I am always watching youtubers how the linux and desktop are beautiful and have many software. Mostly never sayed your terminal will be your "wife in linux".
They don't talking about hardware it have possibiliets could working or not.
They don't talking about how many times you need to fix out how to installing something what can working but not example iTunes on bottles.
Linux for me is hobby where i can learning many things.
The people who have family,jobb and children they propably want spend time with family. I have a friend i Sweden he sayed every next 2 years he need buying new laptop because a battery is died, all time life on credits.

No two people are the same, so no matter how well-received something is, it may not suit me. There is no reason to fear being in the minority when using the Linux OS, so nothing beats my own experience.

For me, using the Linux OS itself is not a hobby. Of course, Zorin OS reminded me of the fun of using a PC and gave me a motivation to contribute to FOSS.


One of the best statements I have ever seen on the forums.

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I so agree! And even a more 'experienced' beginner benefits from a resource such as this forum!!


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Great Distro's out in the Linux-fields are always strong community driven.
The quality of the communities are always the strongness of Moderators and Technical Experts. No real competitions but strong answers on strong questions, or problems.
YouTube just might be interesting on a first aquaintance, on a first real impression of a distro x or a distro y.
I don't like when they do those compares and absurd titles.
But again, all info on good OS-es such as Zorin really is are always welcome.

The popularity is always uphold by the enthousiasm from the communities, and the non-competition in answering on Topics.
This Forum is really a great Forum !! Congrats to the entire Forum-Team(s).

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I liked both Zorin and MInt.
That's for me both have some good and bad ideas but nothing what have all can be usable. Wright? The both are working and are stable Zorin is Zorin and Mint is Mint. Can we sayed a sky to be a earth and earth can be a sky?
That is the linux distributions they diffrent. Everyone can choose what liked to preferences. I am fanboy Zorin long time ago because i always liked but also using many another operating systems. I like in my life one day eating chocolate ice and another vanilia or strawberry. It gived my life more happy. That doesn't mean another distributions are poor or bad.

As an "experienced beginner", if I may say so myself, it's great to be able to fallback to a strong community even when you are not using that distribution anymore (I'm currently on OpenSuse waiting for Zorin 17).

I also waiting like a children on icecreams or a toys for ZorinOS 17.

Let me preface this first. @Bourne , I do not intend to deny you. There is nothing wrong with you loving the Linux OS. I just have a different opinion from yours.

As long as the Linux OS is a toy, Big Tech's domination will never end. I support Zorin OS because of its ambition to be an alternative to Windows and Mac.

@Hackgets I support because I liked Innovations. I remember how linux was before and now. If something grow up that means gived to chance to be a "good human". Maybe I using some words what someone taken that like they are literally when on my mind they are "synonym" or "comparison" and "irony".
I know I cannot change world but a good deed makes me happy.