Newbie - IDrive setup

Not sure if anyone can be of assistance, but I use Idrive to back up my windows machines and am just getting my feet wet with Linux via ZorinOS 16.

IDrive supports Linux, but I can't make heads or tails out of their instructions:

It's probably super simple for those that are Linux experts??

I guess you install scripts and once they are up and running it should be pretty straightforward, but I can't seem to understand how to get the scripts loaded properly.

Thanks in advance!

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I would recommend extracting the file in your Home Downloads folder (~/Downloads).
Open a terminal and (C)hange (D)irectory to your ~/Downloads:

cd ~/Downloads

Now, enter the command to give all scripts executable permission (The asterisk denotes all). You can just copy and paste each of these commands into terminal (the help page you linked to has a typo in this first command. Shame on them):
chmod a+x *.pl

Then set it up following the on screen prompts:

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