News on Zorin 17?

Hey there,
are there any news on releasing Zorin 17? I am looking forward to Gnome 4.0 as I am using a touch/notebook and heard that Gnome 4.0 has huge improvements on the touchscreen experiences.


I haven't heard much news about Zorin OS 17.

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"You will also be able to directly upgrade from Zorin OS 16 to 17 shortly after its release."

That is the last sentence from that article. If it really happens, then it'll be another great decision from Zorin teams for developing Zorin OS through time to time. I'm really excited for Zorin OS 17, and I hope they'll use the latest and stable version of Gnome which I think will be Gnome 42.

And thanks for sharing this article.


I wonder though. They have been promising the same for upgading from 15.3 to 16 and AFAIK it never happened. Fingers crosses it will work for 16 to 17.

Zorin 17 the future things could be but brothers can always change ideas and we never know what will be exactly in Zorin 17. Why? Because it is like a weather.:wink:

i cant wait to try zorin os 17. :grin: :blush:

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ZorinOS 17 Pwease :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When you're so eager you rush to subscribe to the Zorin newsletter in anticipation of ZorinOS 17 news but it says um you're already subscribed. :rofl: :joy:


The upgrade to version 17 will not only be Gnome-improvements only. If 17 is built on Jammy Jellyfish, what will be most likely, it will also be based on the stringent Snap-theory of Ubuntu. Snaps are in heavy development, and for some Zorin users it will be a small nightmare you'll have to be strong in Ubuntu-tweaking and modifying of files in root-folders. Not all files are even root-related so another method is required for modding those files. I look at the Belgians mostly who must do their taxes on the web. For logging in, Firefox will NOT work with the eID (electronic ID-card and inlog-control) as a Snap. So there will be a lot of issues rizing the surface. Maybe that is why more and more Zorin-users leave the ship and go for Mint Vera 21.1 as Mint washed out everthing related to the Snap-philosophy of Canonical. Of course Ubuntu is already way ahead of Zorin's status and position, but it could be that some howto's just will not work on Zorin because of their massive tweaking of Gnome.

What will the future bring ? We need LOTS of Bèta-testers and a ton of Zorin howto's to counter the Ubuntu-revolution on their Snap-surrounding.


Pop OS is based on ubuntu 22.04 and it does not even offer snaps :joy:. I only see deb packages or flatpak

Who even said zorin will use snaps in the first place ? You only guess what can happen without any official words from the devs

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For your great qualification on Zorin-knowledge, Ubuntu 20.04 = Zorin 16.2 and is the first stage of Snaps ..... So no , Zorin did not remove the Snaps out of Ubuntu's copy. Worse : they provide flatpak inside the Snap enviroment. 2 sandboxes in 1 ...
Before you try to make fun of other's comments, try to know a little or 2 about the OS you are using ; )

They are using Snaps at this very moment on 16.2 lol ......... maybe revert back to Windows for you ?

As far as i know the best way to be first to know when & what is new on new release's ,,
Is to subscribe to Zorin newsletters, & to my knowledge, Zorin 17 should be ready mid to later this year 2023 :smile:

Happy New Year to everyone, I'm new here. I'll use this to give a quick feedback. I donated (Core version) because it just runs well and is mature; I'll get the Pro version starting with Zorin 17, even though I don't need most of the software for my work (texts, education sector).
I think Zorin's release schedule is very good; in my experience Ubuntu LTS versions usually become very stable with the second point release like 20.04.2 or 22.04.2 onwards. As for new software: Flatpaks. What else can I say but that I am very satisfied with Zorin OS. Thank you!


Again, who said they will use snaps in Zorin 17 ? With my post about pop os i wanted to make clear that it can be removed like you said mint did too.

Where did i say they have removed it ???

Maybe i should have be more clear to you that i was pointing at their newer release (zorin 17)

Where did i try to make fun of others ? Just because i say pop os does not have it and posted a :joy: behind it….come on seriously.

Maybe you should do that. Your reaction on my post is abnormal.

1 more thing…for my “zorin knowledge“ , i dont use zorin i use Pop OS 22.04. But if you have read my post better you would have known this already.

If Mint teams could modify their 21.1 distro to stay away from Snaps, then Zorin teams can do the same thing too for Zorin 17. Beside that, Mint 21.1 is also using Ubuntu Jammy. Yes, maybe Zorin is not as Snaps-free as Linux Mint, but the devs can set the essential software using Deb packages by default, like Firefox for example.

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I hope Zorin OS 17 has a Rolling release version so that there's no need to manually download software updates after installing Zorin OS 17

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Let Us Pray it does... Or able to do the upgrades like on Mint.