News on Zorin 17?

Hey there,
are there any news on releasing Zorin 17? I am looking forward to Gnome 4.0 as I am using a touch/notebook and heard that Gnome 4.0 has huge improvements on the touchscreen experiences.


I haven't heard much news about Zorin OS 17.

"You will also be able to directly upgrade from Zorin OS 16 to 17 shortly after its release."

That is the last sentence from that article. If it really happens, then it'll be another great decision from Zorin teams for developing Zorin OS through time to time. I'm really excited for Zorin OS 17, and I hope they'll use the latest and stable version of Gnome which I think will be Gnome 42.

And thanks for sharing this article.

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I wonder though. They have been promising the same for upgading from 15.3 to 16 and AFAIK it never happened. Fingers crosses it will work for 16 to 17.