What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

i hope zorin os 17 doesn't experience something like this:

19 Exciting New Features in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - It's FOSS

and have Dynamic Wallpaper for zorin os 17

I have heard good things about komorebi for live wallpapers

I wish Synaptic was pre-installed on Zorin OS instead of Gnome Software.

komorebi is dead, buried and full of bugs. Try Hidamari instead.


Interesting tool

in mint.
Tool what can help update a earlier version mint.

@Bourne: What has this to do with the OP’s question ??? I really don’t get it…

It must be mistakes. Ibet administrators can moved that post or delete.

I want to see xfce18, and a version based on debian 11.


Support for 5Ghz wifi dongles like Realtek. Deepin 23 Alpha has it. Works great.

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I want seeing Zorin 17 will be stable like apple.

Does anybody know when will Zorin 17.0 will most likely be released?

You mean the backgrounds that change depending on the time of day? Those backgrounds?

The current estimate is mid-2023

I have read through this with interest. In my experience with Linux, I have personally gained the impression that a distribution that concentrates on a few and mostly proven things does comparatively little wrong. Otherwise users will notice this and then turn away in frustration.
For me, Gnome 3 (whether 3.36.8 or 3.38) is mature and completely satisfactory in terms of both resource consumption and work possibilities. My experiences with Gnome 41 or 43 were not such that I need to switch. In Zorin 17, however, a mature Gnome 4x (whichever one) will do well.
I wish that the ootb experience will continue to be so good. It should be important that flatpaks and snaps work. I use both, but I understand that there are users who don't and don't want to. Fortunately, one is free to do so.
Libreoffice should be as up-to-date as possible; it is developing well. You can of course use Libreoffice as a flatpak or snap, but in fact I've had problems with both in this case.
Wayland should run well. It does in Gnome.

I would like to see a slicker menu.
When mouse rolls over entries the submenus should be shown to the right.

I would like to see Synaptic Package Manager pre-installed on Zorin OS.


I tried it before but it was not the latest version of KDE. I want to see an official KDE desktop from official Zorin iso file.

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Real desktop version Zorin where working everything Perfect like another operating system to be a popular like a windows or Apple. Dreams in future if IA could do that or reverse engineering.

  1. The ability to set up and size ZFS partitions during install (to include setting it up with bpool on one drive, rpool on another, swap on a third), rather than settling for what the installer designates. That includes the ability to set up cache, SLOG, etc. drives during install, and the ability to set up ZFS parameters (such as turning off atime, setting the hashing algorithm, setting compression options) during install.

  2. The ability to uninstall (or not install in the first place) portions of the OS that one doesn't need, with a GUI that would allow one to do so... for instance, there's a lot of CUPS-related files that can be done away with if one doesn't intend on printing from the machine (except dependencies prevent it right now).

I envision a GUI that shows the base files installed, with sliders to enable a feature, disable it, or disable and uninstall it.

I bet I could get below 3 GB installed size if I could remove all the CUPS-related files, but if I ever get a printer (I keep talking my wife out of it... she may someday overrule me and buy one anyway), it'd be handy to just click a slider to reinstall everything needed to print.

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This made me think of the windows 3.1 installer where it prompts if you want printer support and if so what brands of printer lol