News on Zorin 17?

Rolling Release brings the instability, regressions and package failures that I prefer to avoid by using an LTS stable Distro.


I get that. I've used the mintupgrade tool, via the update manager and it's worked perfectly both times. If they could figure out a way, that would just be yet another great reason to use Zorin. Using backups does help the process, but more effort.
Either way, I'll be shilling out for 17.

IA or some chatgpt will be in Zorin 17?

I'd rather hope not !! AI of Chat GTP is not AI at all. At many question-prompts I got pure lies in return or false information. This is not even needed for use, just do your own research a lot on Google, YouTube for howto's, and search in the goldmines of internet. Question answer, just be plain smart on searchings. And NEVER use that tool of blackness ChatGTP, you'll be enslaved and have nothing to question anymore. Again, this is NOT AI !!!! It is a corrupt database, that Q & A numb, even with faulty answers on real questions. 13 hits of bad returns. So please leave Ubuntu, Zorin for smart people and not addicts of the lazy principle.


Yes. I was many faul answers. It can create a catastrophy.

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How do we join the beta testing team?

The new generations young are propably not to much check information and can believe.
That is very sneaky politics commercial business.

Yeah it has been a really long time since we had a release of Zorin OS I would like a copy of the Alpha or BETA to Test I wouldn't mind I really want some of that Zorin OS 17 please if a Dev is listening to me tell me by when should we have Zorin OS 17?

Gday @ZorinOSFan , Welcome to the community.

Please refer to the posts above as to how you can be the first to Know & help with the Public Zorin OS 17 Beta Testing, when Released.
Hope this helps.

But that doesn't give us a spefic time or date it only says the 2nd half of 2023

Correct, it's hard to put time on perfection :slight_smile:


Yeah but I've been in Anticipation for the new release of Zorin OS 17 that will be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with the Gnome 40 series of UI come on Ubuntu 22.04 came out in 2022 while Zorin OS 16.2 relased in 2021.

Yes the waiting time for anything in life can be trying on one's patients.
If you like Beta testing, we have a new Upgrader that has just been released .
Check this out & report any findings to the link within that page.

Thanks for you help.


Yeah I'll try it in a VM Zorin OS 16 Beta came out in 15 April 2021 and I would have excepted to see Zorin OS 17 BETA in April of 2023 I know making an Great OS takes time and Gnome Foundation likes to fight with Distros Creators.

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Sorry i gave the wrong link, i have corrected that.
This is the new OS Upgrader, in beta just released for testing.
Yes it shouldn't be to long before we see the Zorin OS 17 beta, The waiting is the hardest part when we know something new is coming.
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