News roundup on release of XFCE 4.18

Of possible interest to Zorin Lite users and anyone else running XFCE

Anything you're looking forward to? Or dreading?

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I don't use XFCE, so I don't have an opinion.

I don't understand, this was last December?

I'm out of date :slight_smile: But it still hasn't come to ZL yet, right? Maybe in ZL 17.0.

Aw... I was getting excited for a new release.

It doesn't seem like this was a major release so it's likely that Zorin Lite 17 will have it.

There are quite a few improvements in XFCE 4.18 that I look forward to and am supportive of.

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The image previewer seems like a great addition, and I really like the Custom Actions on submenus.

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The compositor now supports adaptive vsync with GLX.


Improved support for UI scaling and fix for many blurry icons in the core components when scaling is used. This will be particularly useful for Hi DPI screens.

Window Header Bars

All header bars of Xfce Windows/Dialogs by default will be drawn by the window manager now (Xfwm4). Some dialogs optionally support 'GtkHeaderBar' (CSD) which can be enabled via a xfconf setting.

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I have been using Debian 12 for a while and only now realized those are all part of the DE. Definitely nice to have those features.

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