Night Light : Nvidia vs X server


Sorry for bad english.
In first time, i use Zorin with an AMD RX 480, it was great.

But i change my graphic card for a Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti. I was by default with X server. Run fine but i can't launch game on Steam.

Then, i choose driver Nvidia, i can play but my screen is always as night is not really white as AMD card or X server.
I don't like this "this permanently yellowish color".

I check settings, and night light is disable.
My monitor is : msi optix ag321cr

Have an idea ?

Thank you so much.

You can watch easily the difference of the color between the task bar and the settings menu of my monitor :

Can you try:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install dkms

sudo apt remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

sudo ubuntu-drivers install

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-510

Once complete, check


Thank you for answer i do all,
Nothing change after reboot.

Error before reboot

After reboot :

From my phone (difference between screen and monitor menu settings)):

Thank you

I do nvidia purge again, i choose Xorg server as driver, reboot , and i do a picture with my phone :

The screen is really white, not same with nvidia driver. But i can't play :frowning:


I get an idea, i start Zorin 17 in live version with in boot menu i choose with Nvidia drivers.

When i come on first menu, we can choose language and Try or Install, the screen is white (normal) but i choose to Try, and it is switch on Yellow desktop again !

So, now i am sure, it is not from my installation, but live session is same :sob:

How about a live session of zorin 16, does it come out the same way? Sorry can't help you further because I never experienced that with my nvidia cards.

You could try driver 545 - Proprietary GPU Drivers : “Graphics Drivers” team


I try live session with Zorin 16.3 Core and i start Try/install with drivers Nvidia and it is run fine !!
Nvidia : 535.54.03 / Kernel 5.15.0-78.

Then, i dont understand because it is same version "535" on Zorin 17... may be the kernel ?

Then i will try 545 on your message...or i will go to Zorin 16.3...

Unfortunately 545 is yellowish too :

Then Zorin 16.3 / Nvidia 535 / kernel 5.xx is fine :

may be the kernel ?

I found !!!!

In Zorin settings color, i have 4 profile (automatic, i never touch that)
But i see on other topic about 1060 Ti, you can change :

i add manualy "Espace de couleur Standard - sRGB" (translation : Standard color space - sRGB) and now is perfect.

The bug is Zorin 17 create 4 automatic profile with bad configuration ?

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