"No Bootable Device" after Zorin install on old Acer laptop

Hi! I'm trying to install Zorin OS Lite on an old grandma laptop (Acer ES 11), I followed the guide and managed to install it on the drive, however I can't boot on it as only a "No bootable device" screen appears.

After some googling, I found a few people having similar problems. The fix seems to be to tinker with the UEFI settings in the bios Security menu, but I can't find any UEFI settings (probably because the laptop is too old).

I'm not sure what to do next and some help would be appreciated. Thanks :blush:

Does it have secure boot and/or fast boot?
Another option is to check if there's any BIOS updates available.

Thanks for you response! I tried disabling Secure Boot but it didn't seem to do anything. I'll look into updating the BIOS.

GDay @morceaudebois , Welcome to the community!
Some older pc's have "Minimal" boot instead of " Fast boot"
How did you create the usb drive?
What program did you use?
Are you using the 32 or 64bit Zorin Lite?

Edit: Is this a clean install or dual boot?

In your BIOS setup, make sure it's booting from the correct drive... I had a similar problem, I attempted to install Zorin OS over the top of a Windows installation, hoping it'd wipe Windows off and boot Zorin OS... but the UEFI (which is what they call the BIOS now) held on tight to Windows, wouldn't let me choose 'Ubuntu' (which is what my UEFI lists Zorin OS as) as the default boot until I'd zero'd the drive to wipe Windows off of it, so it kept giving me the error about not finding a boot device.

Sounds like it is an older model with traditional BIOS. That means the drive is most likely configured for MBR. Zorin 15 is the last version to offer a 32bit installer. That BIOS probably won't recognize a GPT disk or have EFI support. You may be able to get away with installing in legacy mode, but you're probably better off with Zorin 15, even if the machine supports 64bit.

Hey guys, thanks for all the replies!

The BIOS is on version 1.08. The latest version is 1.26, so it seems really out of date and I suppose it might fix the issue. However I can't install it since it comes as a .exe on the Acer website and I don't have a Windows install on the laptop anymore.

I put the main drive at the top of the priority order, but it just doesn't appear as a bootable drive anywhere.

I'm downloading Zorin Lite 15.3 32bit as @337harvey suggested, we'll see how it goes!

All right, it looks like I can't even install 15.3 as I get this error when I boot from the installer: efi: EFI_MEMAP is not enabled.

I found this old post with people having similar problems with that line of laptop and other distros. It seems to be a pretty big rabbit hole specific to these laptops I'm not sure I want to get myself into. I'm considering just reinstalling Windows 10 and hope for the best :confused:

You can use a win live image to install the bios update, then reboot to zorin and see if it helps.

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