No bootable device, installation problem

Hi, I created a USB stick with Zorin 16 Core on it, using balenaEtcher on Windows 10. working with an old Acer Aspire laptop. It works fine when I "try" Zorin. But when I install Zorin, and wipe the whole hard disk, I cannot get the PC to boot without the USB key inserted. It recognizes the hard disk in tryout mode, and in the BIOS, but on startup always says "No bootable device found". Where am I going wrong?

Are you installing as Legacy or EFI?

If installing with EFI, there must be an EFI partition at the start of the disk.
You may try going into your BIOS and selecting Legacy Mode, then installing Zorin OS, to install to MBR instead of EFI.

If you prefer EFI and there is no EFI partition, you must create one at the beginning of the disk, then install Zorin once that is established.

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Thanks, I don't know really, just pressed the "install" button. Will look into these two install methods!

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I have a fix for it

Thanks a lot, will try that tonight!

You may be running into similar issues as this person. If Aravisian's solutions do not help, then follow on this link.

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