No brightness control

I can not find any brightness control option in Zoris OS 16 Lite.

I tried with the indie Brightness-Controller:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:apandada1/brightness-controller

sudo apt update && sudo apt install brightness-controller

After that i cannot find any app named it in my menu. How can i solve it?

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The Brightness Controller should be launchable with the app-finder (Zorin OS Lite) with
Or can be launched the same way from terminal.

Opening the App Menu, I started typing "brightn" into it, and it searched for and located it.
If neither of these are working, please try:

sudo apt install --reinstall brightness-controller

I never installed this app before, in spite of recommending it a lot to others. For the first time, I installed it in order to ensure I was giving you accurate information... And it Works Like A Charm.
I use qt5ct which makes it use my custom gtk theme.

You can also add it to the Panel (Zorin OS Lite) by adding a Launcher, then editing its settings and scrolling to Brightness Controller.

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The brightness auto-changes to maximum after every reboot, even after lock screen, suspend, and what not!

I am using the app you suggested the other day, Brightness Controller. But it resets to the highest level automatically.

I understand. I was wondering if the other tips within the link above may help resolve the issues.

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