No envelope or dot on bluemail to indicate mail arrived

Would this be a Zorin issue maybe with the taskbar or is this a setting bluemail? I have turned on all notifications for bluemail and Zorin. This seems and odd thing not to work. Even in the taskbar with telegram app when I get a message it does not give a colored dot on the taskbar icon near the clock to indicate anything.

Maybe I missed something...

Please advise

I would look to the icon theme, first, actually.
The app may specify a notification icon to display, but if that icon is not present in the icon set, then it reverts to displaying the default icon.
I am guessing here... but since I make icon sets, I have needed to spend some time including such icon types.
As I do not use Bluemail, I cannot just readily check this.

What method did you use to install Bluemail?

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Hello there.. I am unsure how to check the icon set. There is nothing at all in the options showing any icons. I have installed everything I put on this machine, not being much from the software repository built into Zorin, bottom left near what would essentially be the Ztart icon.

I was actually very impressed with the installation and the configuration of BlueMail. I am not impressed without the icons showing something has been received nor the fact that in order to know you either have to open each mailbox separately or use unified. Using unified to me is not so great either as you only see the unified folders and not any that you have created yourself unless you once again go to that specific account.

It's a shame that mailbird or postbox is not available for linux. I appreciate the new interfaces, flat and good looking.. Thunderbird and some others just don't do it for me as the interfaces still look the way they did in the 80's.

I will look around for icons and see what I can find.. just seems strange that both bluemail and telegram do not have visual indicators in the taskbar near the clock. I have yet to see if FLOCK does not provide any either. If Flock also does not show a visual indicator I have to assume that something is up with Zorin or this is just how these apps work in Zorin linux.


heh heh...
I like that...

Telegram - yes... I have needed to create Telegram new mail icons before...

In Telegram, if you navigate to Settings → Appearance, you should be able to set icons custom.
I am not sure if Bluemail is included. But the last I knew, Suru Icons included a large number of application and notification icons for things like Franz and the like. It may be worth looking into:

Later, when I have enough time, I may try to locate a set that certainly has it. Or I may try installing Bluemail and testing it.

I just checked all the settings in telegram. There is no Appearance. However, there is one option under notification that says "use native notifications" but there is no information what that does. It just turns off the popup notifications and placement on your screen. I will look into the information you provided.. Thanks

You may find better help with Telegram app here:

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doing it now.. thanks so much! Appreciate the help.. I just got a message in FLOCK as well and same thing no indicator on the icon near the clock. Going to have to research more and look around.

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