No Glossy Paper setting in Image Viewer

I need to print a photo on glossy paper. In Image Viewer (and Gnu Image manipulator) there is only 'Plain Paper Standard' and 'Envelope Standard' as the options in Page Setup. How can I add a choice for glossy paper. I'm using ZorinOS 15.3 Premium with an Epson L3110 printer. I found a post under Ubuntu on this same problem, but it was left unsolved.

Another user had a different problem with same Epson printer on Zorin. I posted a link to Epson driver here: Epson L3110 - #9 by zabadabadoo

If you already use that Epson driver for that printer and have same problem, let us know.

I followed your link. The links to the printer driver are broken, but I found the .deb install on the Epson website. I downloaded it and opened it with the Software app. This gave me an install button which I clicked. I received no further output from the install so I do not know if it completed. However, nothing has changed ... still no glossy paper.

I looked into /etc/cups/ppd/ and found:
-rw-r----- 1 root lp 217894 Sep 29 2020 CUPS-BRF-Printer.ppd
-rw-r----- 1 root lp 85894 Sep 29 2020 L3110-Series.ppd

I think this means that the correct driver is installed.

I can only suggest you continue to do websearches using "Epson L3110 Ubuntu 18.04". As Z15.3 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Others on here may have encountered similar problems and offer you better suggestions.

Ok, I will. Thanks for your help.

I still have not resolved this issue. I will leave this post open in the hope that someone will still respond with a solution.

Jim, did we ever suggest you trying Z16 instead of Z15.3 to see if that offers better print options.

I recently updated to Z16. That was when my problem first manisfested. I had a glossy paper option with Z15.3.

Your OP states Z15.3 hence my suggestion to try Z16.

Ah, yes, I goofed. I was thinking all the way back to when I was still on windows and had the glossy paper option. My bad.

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