No HDMI audio OS 16

New to linux and am just having one issue that may force me to revert to WIN7 on a Dell XPS laptop from 2010. Connecting external monitor via hdmi video is fine but no audio out of hdmi, analog audio through laptop speakers does work. By just fiddling around with configuration tab it did work for a time but then then when the screensaver which I had forgotten to turn off kicked on, sound was lost again and unable to get it going again. If I use terminal to get into alsamixer I can choose the correct soundcard which is nvideo diplay. When clicking on volume icon, audio mixer pops up and lists both audi devices but if I try to sellect G116 HDMI it refuses to activate. I tried going into software updater and it showed nvidia to be using a generic driver. I tried to select the nvidia proprietary driver but it stopped once the progress meter got about halfway done and then I got error message that it would have to be done manually. Also under configuration tab for nvidia it always says hdmi not available, unplugged but the hdmi is plugged in. Really frustrating that I got it to work by accident and now it cant be repeated. Seems like it needs nvidia proprietary driver but it won't load correctly. My bios has no option about disabling secure boot.

2010, that is about twelve years old..
What is the model for the Nvidia card?

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