No internet urgent help please!

Hi guys,

Since this morning I have not been able to use the internet on my XPS and it happened because I decided to run and install something on terminal. I am new to Linux and there have been lots of little issues so I followed a blog that suggested to upgrade and stuff.

I typed in Sudo apt upgrade followed by Sudo apt dist-upgrade and then reboot. This seems to have screwed up my internet.

I tested the ping command and curl and I get errors but I don't know how to proceed and resolve them.

I'm on the zorin 16.1 two year old XPS 13 with i7

It looks like the DNS is not pointing in the right direction, or something along those lines. Internet works fine .

Please help

I am closing this thread as duplicate issues:

@Hdky , please help keep threads on topic by restricting a thread to one issue that can be focused on and solved.
The helpers of the forum can get overwhelmed by multiple threads covering the same issue or one thread covering multiple issues.

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