No longer being asked for Keyring password on startup since 17 upgrade

As mentioned, I've noticed that since upgrading to Zorin 17, I am no longer prompted to input the keyring password once landing on my desktop screen.
I used to boot up, and it would auto login to the desktop, but ask me for that password.
That box no longer pops up and instead I have to put it in every time I want to do something like start skype, where I'll get a popup saying that 'The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer'.
Why is this happening, and how can I put it back to how it was, when it would ask me as my desktop loaded?

Thank you,


It's happening because you have auto-login and possible chrome combination.

Switch off auto-login will solve the issue.


Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it. However, I don't think you've understood me, exactly. Switching off auto-login just gives me a lock screen. I don't want that. I never used to have that before and I don't want it now. It always went straight into the desktop (no login screen whatsoever), with a box for a keyring password. If I wanted to, I could just as easily close that box without inputting a password, and the desktop environment was fully functional with the exception of doing something that required a password. Auto login was ALWAYS enabled. Why suddenly now I am not asked for that password, I do not know. It's just since the upgrade.

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