No options menu in Firefox extension manager and no icons in toolbar (Zorin OS Lite 15.3 32 bit)

I'm using Firefox 93.0 on Zorin OS Lite 15.3 32 bit. There are no options menu available in the extensions manager. Ublock origin and Enhancer for Youtube. All extensions icons doesn't show up too in the toolbar so I can't manage them. No problem in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

The firefox is preinstalled. I already tried to remove Firefox, restart Zorin and reinstall Firefox from Software menu in the start menu but same result. Tried to logout from Firefox account too and still no options menu in extension manager and no icon in toolbar.

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In Firefox, press the alt key and the menu bar should appear. From there you can get the preferences set and customize the toolbar.

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Thanks for answering. I tried these these and my problem solved :

  1. close firefox, delete everything under /home/username/.mozilla/
  2. (maybe) give access to private windows for the extensions because (maybe) my setting are a bit too strict
  3. when sync, i dont sync settings and add-ons between windows and linux

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