No permission to drag and drop files to an archive in Nautilus

Whenever I try to drag and drop a file to an existing archive in Nautilus, I get a message saying that I don't have the permission to do so.

But if I open the archive first and then drag and drop the file I want to the file-roller window it works, so what's the issue here?
Some file-roller bug? The version is 3.36.3.

Is the archive located on an external hard drive?
What is that drive or partition format? is it ext4? ntfs?

Interesting, it works just fine on any of my ntfs partitions, but always fails anywhere in my home directory, so that's ext4.

ntfs is known to struggle with Permissions issues on Linux.

Probably a foregone conclusion but would you mind right-clicking -> properties -> permissions tab and checking if those are all allowed? Or at least similar to the archives that do allow editing.

By default it is set to -rw-rw-r--, but doing something like chmod 777 doesn't fix the issue.

You could try setting “others” also to be both read write. I just use the GUI.

If the directory is autoloaded at boot (in the fstab) any permission changes will have to be made in fstab. Fstab permissions Trump user permissions because they are set by the system (most trusted). Where is the file? If it's in the system directory you will need root to perform actions.

As it is, you are not owner of the archive according to the permissions [owner, group, other] (what program did you use to create it? ) the application is the owner and grants you permission when you open it in the application.

The file is in my home directory.
To create an archive I just select the files I want in Nautilus and select "Compress" in the context menu. I believe by default it uses file-roller.
ls -l returns -rw-rw-r-- 1 username username
same file on ntfs returns -rw-r----- 1 username username

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