No sound anymore

Hello everyone,

I don't know why but from 3 or 2 days I don't have sound anymore when I go to te settings (sound) everything seems like normal but when I trying my devices no soung go out from speaker (or headset) only alert sound work :smiling_face_with_tear:! google, opera ,vlc, spotify and many more not working

can you help me

Kernel update ?
Did you mute it prehaps ?
Did you try alsamixer to see what is going on ?


I second this suggestion. It is not unusual that after an update - sound gets muted.

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I saw zorin got an update 2 days ago
No I didn't mute it sounds alerts still work
I don't know alsamixer but I can check

What do you mean by gets muted ?
By me ?

Try running alsamixer in the terminal to make sure the master volume is not muted. If it is muted, it will show as 'MM' instead of 'OO'

Screenshot from 2022-11-20 19-51-53

It's muted ^

No, the installation of updated packages somehow causes it to get muted by the system.

Do you use dual boot ? windows and zorin ?

If yes -> pulseaudio - No sound from line-out in Ubuntu 19.10 on ALC1220 - Ask Ubuntu

Some users says downgrading kernel might work too -> Live Boot Realtek ALC1220 not detected - Linux Mint Forums

yes I do

Headset is showing [MM] i.e. muted in your alsamixer screenshot. Unmute that channel by selecting it and typng "M".

If you think sound has been turned off since kernel update, have you tried selecting the previous kernel at at boot?

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